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of drone survey


Up to 80% faster surveying operations compared to terrestrial methods and multicopters


Up to 30 times faster data capture

Traditional topographic surveying is a slow and labor-intensive process requiring the collection of GPS points. Depending on the area, several hundred points must be manually collected, which can take up to several days or longer.

Up to 30 times faster means that a one-hour data capture job in the field with a WINGTRA ONE equals 60 hours in the field with traditional terrestrial methods.


  •  Deliver data in a short turnaround time​

           Data delivery is up to five times faster and can take place more often for projects that are   changing in nature

  • Amount of data is unmatched
    During a single survey, the amount of data captured is far superior. No need to go back into the field to get data that hasn’t been captured


One drone, many applications

Multiple exchangeable payloads for one drone to produce all types of drone data


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